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Lymph Therapy

Lymph therapy with flowers essence therapy with essential oils

It has been suggested that the Lymphatic System is one of the most important vital systems of the body. It bathes all cells, tissues, and organs of the body, as well as cleanses, nourishes, and drains toxins from the body.  When the lymph system is not functioning at its peak, it can be described as having a restriction or ‘clog’ in the flow. This ‘clog’ then disrupts the bodies filtering ability and communication systems, which can affect all systems of the body. The more toxic the lymphatic system becomes, the more likely the body will be to experience allergies, fatigue, discomfort, and auto immune diseases. 

What is a Solution for this?

Anti-Inflammatory red-light therapy uses an FDA approved low frequency, red and blue light sound wave along with physical vibration to remove disruptions in lymph flow. It is non-invasive and non-pharmaceutical. 

Benefits of Red Light Lymph Therapy:

  • Improves healing
  • Supports body detoxification
  • Anti-inflammatory
  • Supports digestion

Effectiveness of Flower Essence Therapy in The Treatment of Depression

Red Light Lymph Therapy Pricing:

The following are some of the many diagnoses that demonstrate excellent clinical results when treated with IASTYM

  • 60 minute Anti-Inflammatory Red Light Lymph Therapy – $80.00
  • 90 minute Anti-Inflammatory Red Light Lymph Therapy with your choice of Flower Essence Therapy, Essential Oils or Lymphatic Breath – $125.00
  • 60 Minute Flowers Essence Therapy with Essential Oils (uses oil from flowers to support emotional and physical health) – $70.00

Client Testimonials

I am so very happy a friend shared Hilary's information with me. Hilary has been very instrumental in helping me in two areas of great need!! I have been suffering from a sluggish lymph system since having both of my knees replaced. Although my new knees were working extremely well and I have no pain, the bittersweet truth is that the lymph system in my knees no longer works effectively to help my body eliminate fluids from my lower extremities. Hilary's lymph treatments are helping those lymph glands to "wake up" and work as they were intended to do. In addition to helping my body function more efficiently, Hilary's knowledge of flower essences has been a miracle for me! I have been suffering from diagnosed PTSD since experiencing four significant losses in a short period of time. Although I have never served our country in the armed force, I, too, was diagnosed with debilitating PTSD. Hilary has provided a "cure" for me through her knowledge in flower essence therapy. I absolutely believe in the healing power of flower essence since ALL my PTSD symptoms returned whenever I am without the therapy! I cannot thank Hilary enough for providing me with a "cure" for my PTSD disability. It has been truly amazing! I highly recommend Hilary! Besides being a very kind and gentle soul, she is professional and very talented in the services she provides!
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Lymph Therapy Patient