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Wendy Iszler: From Patient to Practitioner

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By: Sarah Grassel 

Photography by: Finer Details Artistry 

For Wendy Iszler, her family, pups,  patients, and jeep are everything she  needs. Mother of three, Wendy grew  up in Mandan, North Dakota with her  parents and sister Kristi. “We loved  boating and swimming on the Missouri  River,” Wendy reminicies.  

From an early age, she grew an  appreciation for the outdoors. Wendy  knew that when she started growing  her family, she wanted the same life  for them: outdoor recreation, midwest  hospitality, and a community that  supports and builds each other up. 

Wendy’s three kids are spread out over  the country, and her eldest is on his  way overseas with the Marine Corp.  Together, she has seven grandchildren.  “I love traveling to see my kids and grandkids when I am not working,”  Wendy says. 

Before making her way to the Hills  with her family, Wendy completed  her fourth class engineering degree  in process plant technology more than 20 years ago. As a  child, she wanted to be a blues  singer, but with her degree she became a turbine operator in a plant in  Wisconsin, built Bobcats in North Dakota, and then soon after,  everything changed. 

Wendy was in a car accident that left  her in immense pain and weakened  her body and strength. Negatively  impacting her work and career, she  reluctantly went to a chiropractor as a  sort of last resort.  

Wendy explains, “The doctor explained  the extent of the injury and what was  going on with my body.” Sending her  off with a treatment plan that extended  beyond Advil, Wendy began noticing  dramatic improvements. “I began to  see immediate relief,” she adds. 

With her in the accident, Wendy’s  young son also changed as a result  of injuries. It was different from what  Wendy experienced; her son hadn’t  complained of any pain from the  accident, but he was not sleeping well,  was unhappy, and more irritable.  

Taking him into the same chiropractor  that helped her, Wendy noticed  improvement in her son as well. The experience overall is what inspired  her to go back to school and pursue a  career as a doctor of chiropractic.  

“I became interested in how it worked  and asked the doctor I went to if  I could shadow him,” Wendy says.  “There, I learned that chiropractic  care treated pain and many different  problems including infertility,  headaches, etc. I was in awe of how  people would walk in with so much  pain and would turn around and  walk out with a weight lifted off their  shoulders.” 

Moving with her family to Minnesota,  Wendy received her doctorate degree  from Northwestern Health Sciences  University. Shortly after, she and her  family moved to Rapid City.  

Wendy adds, “Once I learned about  the body’s innate ability to heal  and the benefits of adjustments, I  was compelled to quit my job and  undertake the next eight years of  education to become a chiropractor  myself. It was the best decision I ever  made.” 

After reaching out to a few practices in the Hills,  Wendy made a trip by herself to explore the  possibilities of working in the area. Wendy was  met with a multitude of responses from those  looking for additional practitioners, but she  accepted a position and moved in the summer  of 2008. 

When she was very little, Wendy’s family actually  lived in Rapid City, so she already had a taste  of what life in the Hills was like. Unhappy with  the culture and pace of life in Minnesota, Wendy  knew she wanted a change for her family.  

“I love the outdoors, but I hated being mauled  to death by mosquitoes in Minnesota,” she jokes.  “I wanted my kids to have a life of activities  and exposure to outdoor recreation with a nice  community. We found that in Rapid City.” 

Outside of the office, Wendy loves to explore the  Hills with her rescue pup Ryla and her blue, two door jeep. Nothing is more freeing than taking a  drive in the fresh mountain air with the roof off,  windows down, and beautiful views.  

Wendy shares, “Oftentimes, I get off work and  head right into the Hills. It clears my mind and  helps me relax.” Some of her favorite trails are  just behind her house including one that leads to a secluded campground and lake.  

As of right now, Solutions Chiropractic offers  conservative chiropractic care, massage  therapy and physical therapy as well as  lymph and redlight therapy . They also  have nutritional consultations, available  supplements, and house an additional  business, Balanced Healthcare. 

Having different medically trained professionals and practitioners helps more  solutions become easily available and  accessible for patients in pain. Serving as  an umbrella, Solutions encompasses all  possible solutions. “I want to build a network  of practitioners I genuinely trust to refer  patients to when needed to get them the  best care possible,” Dr. Wendy smiles.  

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As a house for these different practitioners,  it also becomes easier for them to enjoy their  craft and help patients without having to  worry about all of the day-to-day behind the  scene details of office work that take the fun  out of healing a patient.  

Together, the professionals all work as  a team encouraging a “be healthy, stay  healthy” lifestyle. The efforts made by Dr.  Wendy reflects her passion to encourage this  lifestyle as a whole. She really strives to treat  the condition rather than a symptom.  

Ryla was originally Regan’s pup, but whenRegan  went away to school, Wendy became a mom to  Ryla. Patients can see Ryla throughout the day  wandering the office putting smiles on faces and  begging for some pets! 

Wendy and her family have had dogs for as  long as she can remember, a tradition that she  continued in her own family. Along with Ryla,  Wendy’s family dog, Piglet, stays at home. Piglet  is eleven years old and is finding it hard to get  around. The two have really bonded. Wendy  laughs, “Ryla brought Piglet out of his shell. She  treats him like ‘her dog’ and grabs his leash to  take him out in the yard.” 

In 2015, Dr. Wendy felt ready to expand and  Solutions Chiropractic in Rapid City was born.  While she loves being a chiropractor, she wants  to be able to offer more for her patients. “After  having a conversation with a colleague about  a patient who was struggling to find the best  resolution, we began searching for new options,”  she says. 

Dr. Wendy saw a change in people during the  pandemic. She and other leaders in medicine  noticed a pattern of terror and devastation  as they watched the world events unfold.  “I want to give them their power back. My  job is to teach patients things like joy and  empowerment,”she adds. 

Just a stepping stone toward her ten year  goal, Dr. Wendy has talked about starting a  podcast to make more information available  to the public as well as expanding the  Solutions Name and ideology. The goal is to  be nationwide by 2030.  

Dr. Wendy says, “I am trying to up my game  on the online platform to reach people where  they are at.” Having an online presence  will allow patients and individuals not only  nationwide, but worldwide to tune into their  health while not having to put their lives  at risk. “This is where medicine should be  going,” she adds. 

Dr. Wendy is passionate about her work. She  pours all of her efforts into a better future for  medicine and a better future for her patients.  Her one-stop-shop dream isn’t for her, it’s  for all those who are suffering. “What once  seemed like something I just wanted to do,  now seems like something I have to do,”  Wendy passionately states.  

Imagine being able to go to one location to  meet all of your physical needs. That’s the  dream for Dr. Wendy Iszler.

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5 Things About Wendy Iszler

What Is Your Best Beauty Secret? 

Wendy: My best beauty secret is coconut oil. I use it on my face and in my hair. Also, sleep and nutrition matter! 

What Simple Change Has Made Your Life Better? 

Wendy: Treat yourself like you’re someone you love. 

How do You Spend Your Sundays? 

Wendy: Moving slowly in the mornings, hot coffee or bone broth by the window. In the winter I like to food prep and in the summer I go out into the hills in my jeep. 

What’s The Oldest Thing You Own?

Wendy: I have a nativity set one of my grandmothers made and i have the other grandmother’s Christmas cactus that continues to grow and bloom. 

How Would You Spend Your 100th Birthday? 

Wendy:With my children and grandchildren and however many generations there will be. I definitely want cake.